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Branded apparel earned from incentive programs can draw compliments and recognition from other employees. Custom Promotional Items in Penticton. Our network of experienced marketing professionals will help you distinguish your brand and connect with your audience while managing your costs. From start to finish, we will identify the best approach to achieving your objectives, determine the right solutions for your projects and execute your campaigns flawlessly.

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Proforma Inspired Promotions

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Count on Proforma to be more than your average business partner.

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From helping you manage hundreds to millions of customers using direct mail, loyalty programs, automated marketing, growth strategies, and more, our creative services division is ready and able to get the job done.

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To learn how our Branded Merchandise & Programs can help your company get the recognition it deserves, contacts us today!

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Whether you are looking to create an interactive website or produce a video, Proforma’s digital media solutions will help you round out your marketing strategy.

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Turn an ordinary message into an extraordinary story – your story. The use of digital media in marketing and communication positions you as a cutting-edge innovator.

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To learn how eCommerce solutions can streamline business processes, reduce administrative costs, and increase market presence, contact us today!

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Choose a comprehensive eCommerce solution that allows you to group your print, promotional, and digital marketing components in a single platform to help you.

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Online store solutions help you control brand identity, provide your staff with marketing materials across the globe, and provide a platform for your consumers to purchase your products.

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  Near Penticton, BC V2A 2H1

If you’re looking to create an online company store or increase your web presence, we have the solution to help maximize your ROI and boost the overall productivity and performance of your business.

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eCommerce solutions will revolutionize the way you do business. We provide you access to the latest technologies so you can enhance your marketing communications and provide your staff with direct, continuous access to your products and services.

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